About Me

My name is Craig Gephart – husband, father, motorcyclist, musician, photographer, child of the 60’s, and travel lover!  I enjoy riding the roads less traveled, discovering remnants of pre-Interstate history that once defined “Main Street” America.  I’m a fan of old towns, “Mom & Pop” motels, family owned diners, and old-fashioned “tourist traps” — I enjoy shaving with straight razors, too (my favorite is 130 years old)!

I fondly remember the days when motels were family owned and uniquely named, having guest rooms with exterior entryways, chairs outside the room, at-your-door parking, and, sometimes color TV, room phones, and air conditioning!  I remember when family owned restaurants outnumbered the chain restaurants, and quirky roadside tourist traps made the journey serendipitously unique. It was a day when creativity and individuality were king. Sadly, it seems, as we have become more “sophisticated travelers”, where consistency and predictability have become the norm, we have lost touch with much of the adventure of travel.

Seeking out and reconnecting with the past through places that have managed to hang on in spite of the Interstate era is what I enjoy and look forward to sharing on BackroadTraveler.  Although I don’t publish updates to this site as often as I would like (I’m still working full-time to put my sons through college) it is my goal to develop BackroadTraveler into a resource that will benefit both travelers and service providers.

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Thanks for visiting and, maybe someday, our paths will cross on the back roads!






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