About Me

My name is Craig Douglas  – husband, father, motorcyclist, musician, photographer, child of the 60’s, and travel lover!  I enjoy riding the roads less traveled, discovering remnants of pre-Interstate history that once defined “Main Street” America.  I’m a fan of old towns, “Mom & Pop” motels, family owned diners, and old-fashioned “tourist traps”.

Seeking out and reconnecting with the past through places that have managed to hang on in spite of the Interstate era is what I enjoy and look forward to sharing on BackroadTraveler.  Although I don’t publish updates to this site as often as I would like (I’m still working full-time to put my sons through college) it is my goal to develop BackroadTraveler into a resource that will benefit both travelers and service providers.

If you would like to receive an email notification when I post an update on BackroadTraveler, simply subscribe with your email address via the form in the sidebar.  I promise not to bother you with promotions or sell your information to make a buck.  That’s simply not the way I roll.

Thanks for visiting and, maybe someday, our paths will cross on the back roads!

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