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The Oasis of My Soul

“There is no turning back… there is no Lifestyle that would ever compare to this one. A bad card was dealt over a bit over 11 years ago which only seems as yesterday, when my only Child, my Buddy, my Friend, my Son Lance was called away at the young age of 26. This, here, is my “therapy”, this is my “promise” to Lance to go on, to again not give up, this I feel is my last episode of my own Life.”   Asa Guherian

Horizons Unlimited

Are you a Motorcycle Traveller? Does the smell of spices wafting through the air make you think of Zanzibar, a cacophony of honking horns is Cairo, or a swirl of brilliantly patterned clothing Guatemala? Then this is the site for you!

Motorcycle Explorer

The companion website for Motorcycle Explorer Magazine.  A great source of information and inspiration for traveling the back roads, especially if you have an adventure bike and are able to leave the tarmac.

MotoGo Loco

Especially of interest if you ever consider heading “across the Pond”. Personal reviews and information for traveling in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and the Isle of Mann.

Ride Stop ‘n Go

If you are looking for great motorcycle riding information, then you’ve come to right place.  Our aim with this motorcycle travel website is to inform you of

  • Best rides in North America
  • Great places to eat
  • Reviews of clean cheap motels

We do this by providing detailed maps, entertaining videos of our motorcycle travels and opportunities for you the rider to share some of your favorite rides.

The Riding Obsession
Your Sport touring Motorbike Fix 

If you have a sport touring bike, this is a great site.  If you don’t have a sport touring bike, it’s still a great site.  I have found content on The Riding Obsession website has provided me with useful information and inspiration.  Heck, I’m even feeling like I may need to get a sport touring bike one of these days!


Ultimate Campgrounds

A great resource for locating US and Canadian campgrounds – install their App on your Smartphone or use their browser-based interactive map.


Lincoln Highway Association

The Lincoln Highway is one of the greatest historic coast to coast routes.  Riding it in its entirety, seeking out as many of the original alignments as possible, is on my bucket list!  The Lincoln Highway, west of Chambersburg, PA is one of my favorite highways in the southern tier of PA.


PA Route 6

I love the old roads, and US Route 6 is another of the coast to coast routes on m bucket list.  Route 6 in PA, going across the state’s northern tier, is especially pretty.

Plan it, Do it!  The Dynamic Travel Duo.


Furkot is my online travel planner of choice.  It’s fantastic.  Plan your route, select your sites, places to eat, and make reservations for your stops for the night all from within the website.  Check out Furkot’s online Folio to get your travel ideas flowing.

Scenic Motorcycle GPS by Motomappers

Motomappers offers one of the nicest iOS motorcycle oriented GPS apps on the market; Scenic. Guido van Eijsden, the developer of the Scenic, is inventive, creative, and, as a biker himself, obviously knows and has heard what features are useful to most bikers.  I have been using Scenic since 2016 and, in that short time, have watched it develop into a very nice motorcycle GPS, possibly the best on the market.  Guido actively maintains Scenic and clearly keeps an eye on the competition, always striving to deliver a superior product.  Scenic is not inexpensive (although, given its features, it’s reasonably priced in comparison to other full feature GPS apps).  Scenic has many motorcycle-appropriate bells and whistles, including downloadable maps for when you are out of range of a cellular signal.  One of the NICEST features for those of us who plan our trips using Furkot is the ability to very easily import those trips into Scenic from within the app itself.   It couldn’t be easier!

Motomappers also has a blog you can check in on for more information about updates to Scenic, travel tips, and more!  Scenic is one of those apps where you won’t feel forgotten or ignored once you hand over your hard-earned money!

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