Koolwink Motel – Romney, WV

My last night on a four-day trip of the VA / WV back roads ended with my staying in one of the nicest Mom & Pop motels I have visited to date.  Koolwink Motel, in Romney West Virginia, is a gem.  As I write this I have spent quite a bit of time pondering just how nice this motel was.  No, it wasn’t perfect.  But for a motel that’s more than a half century old, it was in better shape and significantly cleaner than motels half its age and costing two to three times more.  Koolwink Motel truly appears to be loved by the family who owns it and it sends a message to travelers that “You are our special guests.”

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A Little Slice of “Mayberry”

10460732_10202191420080135_2875987052479190642_nI grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show and reflect, with fondness, on the simpler innocence of the era.  Of course, when it became possible to consider lodging in Andy’s real-life hometown of Mt. Airy, NC, nostalgia set in and it had to be satisfied.  Some pre-travel Googling led me to the website for Mayberry Motor Inn and, I’m glad my son and I chose to stay there rather than one of the major hotel chains in the area.

The Mayberry Motor Inn is a fairly typical 60’s era motel.  It’s in very good condition for a motel that is more than half a century old.  Everything about the motel reminds one of a bygone era of when times were simpler.  The lobby is small, with all sorts of Andy Griffith show memorabilia.  The motel staff was welcoming and conversation with them left me feeling like I was chatting with old friends.

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