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More than a decade ago, I invested in a Nikon D90 DSLR camera.  In the period that followed I also invested in several lenses, a few tripods, and a couple camera bags/backpacks.  My interest as a budding photography enthusiast took me through pre-sunrise wildlife photography shoots, to landscapes during the “golden hours”, to photographing my sons in their lacrosse years, to travel photography on the east coast of the USA, and even winning a regional award, with one of my photos being published.

As time passed I found myself enjoying travel photography most because there is always something fresh to photograph.  However, after discovering motorcycle travel with a backpack full of camera gear does not good company make, I found myself taking more photos with my trusty iPhone. Coupled with a few carefully selected Apps, These days, essentially, all my travel photos are taken with my iPhone.

Below is a list of items that have become my motorcycle travel photography essentials.  My objective is to shoot travel photos with the tools most travelers already have or can have with little to no additional investment.  Why?  Because I want you to see what, with a bit of practice, you, too, can do!  I trust this information will inspire you to take more photos and make better use of one of the most convenient cameras you may own!   While the content below is geared toward the iPhone you may also find some of the apps are available on Android and Windows smart phone platforms as well.


Camera Apps

Editing Apps

  • Snapseed (Just get it!  It will change your world!)
  • SKRWT (great app for, among other things, correcting perspective distortions on your iPhone)
  • AfterFocus (add artificial depth of field to you photos easily)


  • Moment wide-angle lens (expensive, but pro quality)
  • Moment Camera Case (I like it. HOWEVER, I strongly recommend getting a neck strap if you want to preserve the battery – putting it in your pocket will result in the shutter button being depressed far too often and, before you know it, your case will have no power – I learned the hard way)
  • CameraSync (allows me to easily upload my latest photos to my Cloud storage so I can free up local storage space)
  • Selfie-stick/Monopod with BlueTooth remote (several brands available, one of the most useful accessories I have found)
  • Yi Action Cam and App (for recording video from my motorcycle)


Highly recommended Sites


The following are a sampling of photos created with my iPhone and one or more of the tools mentioned above.  Not every shot you take will be a Keeper, however, the point is getting out there, taking photos, and developing your ability to create some great photos!

BackroadTraveler Select Photos

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