Dinosaur Land – White Post, VA

If you were a child during the 60’s chances are you visited a roadside attraction like Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA (just a few miles north of Front Royal, VA on the corner of Rts. 522 and 227.  Dinosaur Land is typical of many of the theme parks during that era – this was before animatronics and all that fancy stuff.  Dinosaur Land has just enough teaser material out front to have made a child in the 60’s yell for dad to stop the car.

Dinosaur Land has the typical 60’s style gift shop with all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets to both captivate and fascinate.  This is a very large gift shop, with row after row of merchandise.  And, for those of us who grew up in the 60’s, you will likely find yourself chuckling at some of the gag gifts the same way you did a half century ago (feel old?).

I did not bother to go into the park, although it sounded as though the children of today share the same enthusiasm those of us who were children of the 60’s felt when we saw the giant fiberglass structures.  A few of the displays are visible from outside the fenced area and I saw several children running, laughing, and exploring the area.  Sometimes simple entertainment is all a kid needs!

While Dinosaur Land may not impress the sophisticated traveler, it’s a great reminder of simpler times, when imagination was king!  I recommend stopping if you are in the area.


Dinosaur Land – White Post, VA

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