Revisiting Furkot

If you have visited my blog previously, you are likely aware one of the most indispensable travel tools I have found is the online trip planner, Furkot (  I have yet to find a resource that is as comprehensive or one that makes travel planning easier (and FUN!).

When I first reviewed Furkot here at I alluded to its many features but did not go into great detail.  This morning, as I was perusing the “what’s new in travel apps” I found a fantastic review of Furkot over at  I even learned a few new things myself!   So, rather than reinvent the wheel, I encourage you to check out the excellent review of Furkot at

Happy trip planning and have a wonderful 2017!


P.S.  In the months ahead, I am also planning on doing a review of Scenic – Touring Planner, Navigation and Tracking by  Guido van Eijsden, the developer, seems to be onto something special with this GPS, designed especially for motorcycle riders.  One of the really nice features I’m looking forward to checking out further is Scenic‘s ability to easily (very easily!) integrate with Furkot; plan your trips in Furkot and with a couple simple clicks see all of them listed and readily available for importing into Scenic. I like it when developers make integration so easy!

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