The Dynamic Trip-planning Duo

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.45.22 PMI regularly look for ways to plan more interesting trips.  Recently I stumbled across a wonderful website called America’s Scenic Byways (  The website allows you to view hundreds of routes (both on-road and even off-road) in ALL 50 of the United States.  The site breaks routes down by state as well as the following color coded categories:

  • All-American Road
  • National Scenic Byway
  • Parkway
  • National Forest Scenic Byway
  • BLM Back Country Byway
  • Other Scenic Road

Routes are integrated with Google Maps as the underlying map service.

Where things REALLY get interesting…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.11.53 PMWhen you select any of the roads listed, you will be taken to a corresponding page which, typically, includes a bit of information about the route, a few picture, and a map of the route.  In the upper right corner of the map is a button that reads “Plan with FURKOT“.   Clicking on the button will take you to the FURKOT website ( where, once you create a free account, you can save the route in FURKOT.  Once saved under your profile in FURKOT, you have the capability of modifying the route to suit your personal interests.

FURKOT also includes some great features via Tabs on the right of the screen.  The tabs are:

  • Trip (gives you an overview of your trip)
  • Plan (allows you to organize your daily trip details, clicking on a location in the list reveals )
  • Sleep (allows you to view and select lodging along the route based on type, user reviews, prices, and even links to websites when available)
  • Eat (same sort of information as provided under the Sleep tab, but for eating options, of course)
  • Find (discover things available based on content filters)


FURKOT is very well developed and GREAT FUN to use.  The interface is easy to figure out with little effort.  There is a guided tour feature that you can access simply by clicking on the “Filmstrip” icon near the upper right corner of your page.   My review simply can’t do justice to all the features you will find in Furkot.  And, don’t forget, the fact that it is integrated into the America’s Scenic Byways website makes a fantastic resource for discovering new roads and planning new adventures.   You just need to jump in and have fun!


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