Digging Deeper with Furkot

I began organizing my upcoming trip on Furkot.com. You may have read about it in my last Product Review, “Dynamic Trip Planning Duo”,  I’m really enjoying Furkot and all the trip planning features it offers. Frankly, it’s much more feature-rich than my long-time favorite, Roadtrippers.com. While RoadTrippers offers some great ideas for things to see and do, and has plenty of contributions from member reviewers, I have found that mapping routes tends to be much less fickle in Furkot (even something as basic as telling Furkot the trip is going to have the same starting and stopping point is a breeze; not so with RoadTrippers). Provide some basic details like how many miles you can travel on a tank of gas, how many hours you want to travel on a “full day” and Furkot automatically inserts flags on your map and itinerary  with recommends stopping points for gas stations and lodging.  You can select and make lodging reservations from within Furkot, choose whether you want to avoid highways or not , select the types of places you want to eat, and the types of activities you’d like to do.   You can make copies of your trip (yeah, why shouldn’t you be able to easily make variations of a trip?); something not present in RoadTrippers (at least not that I have been able to find). You can also print your trips, export them to a variety of GPS formats, share them with others, and more.  One definite advantage RoadTrippers has over Furkot (at this point) is a SmartPhone App.

UPDATE:  Furkot has contacted me and pointed me to the following web site!  https://help.furkot.com/features/mobile-apps.html    There IS a way to take advantage of their service on your Smart Device creating a Homescreen icon, and it works really well!  AWESOME!

Here’s a basic idea of my upcoming trip prepared on Furkot.com. Furkot even makes it easy to share your travels via email, social media, and even automatically creating HTML code so you can easily embed a map, like the one below, in your web page.  Click the link below the map and you can even see the trip itinerary. Pretty cool!

My only fear is that Furkot is SO good, it might not stay free!


Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Trip

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