My “official” motorcycle travel camera!

I have read about and tried a variety of different “tools” for making the most out of my motorcycle travels.  But the tool I use most often is my iPhone 6.   It has become my on the road travel planner, my GPS, my blog update tool, my gas station locator, my best price motel locator, my food locator, my life line to home, and, now, my primary travel camera.

As a semi-professional photographer, I have invested a good bit of money in my relatively modest arsenal of equipment.  However, when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle, I quickly learned it’s simply not feasible to take much with me.  Even in padded camera cases, the jolts occasionally experienced on some roads are not good for most camera gear; especially in the northeast where there are many former concrete slab roads that have been covered over with asphalt — thanks to freezing and thawing, these can result in some very memorable jolts!  On a motorcycle one is also very limited with how much “locking up” they can do of their belongings when they stop for gas or a bite to eat.  It’s nice to be able to “enjoy” each stop and not have to worry about someone stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

I have found my iPhone is not only conveniently sized for a travel camera but, with the help of Google’s post-production iPhone app, Snapseed (also available for Android), I have been able to make fairly “flat” looking photos “pop” a bit more.  Snapseed is a product that Google continued to develop after taking over Nik Software, a developer of professional quality photography plugins used in products such as Photoshop and Lightroom.  The quality of the effects previously used by professionals for hundreds of dollars have transitioned quite well into the smart phone platform and, now, anyone can have those effects for just a few dollars!


Snapseed tuned photos may still lack the quality one might want to create fine art prints due to the simple fact smart phone cameras still aren’t as refined as dedicated DSLR cameras.  However, the results are more than adequate for sharing with family and friends or even publishing in a book!  If you travel and if you use your smart phone to take pictures, I highly recommend you check out Google’s Snapseed photo editing software.  It may make you even more appreciative of what you can do with that phone in your pocket!


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