can help make your next road trip memorable

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.44.46 AMFor about a year now, I have followed the web site.  I also receive regular email from (a feature you can select when you create a free account) and it’s always fun to learn of new places and dream about future motorcycle trips. allows you to not only peruse thousands of interesting locations, it includes blog articles submitted by fellow “Roadtrippers” and enough information to satisfy your travel dreams for a LONG time.  You could easily plan a road trip based on Roadtripper’s Travel Guides, which offer suggestions about what to see and do in theme based itineraries.  Blog articles give you an even deeper insight into personal travels of Roadtrippers writers.

At, you can select the type of locations you’re looking for (Attractions, Accommodations, Entertainment, Food & Drink, History, Nature, Shopping, Sports, and Drives) and corresponding icons for each category are displayed on an interactive map.  You can dig even deeper into  the categories and filter specific items within each category.  Cool!  You can add locations to your bucket list or you can even plan a trip with the same type of route building tools you would use if planning on Google Maps or another trip planning service.

Trip planning is where things become even more fun (as if you weren’t already having enough fun discovering new places!).  You can plan your trip in the same way as with Google Maps, providing starting point, waypoints, and final destination.  The interactive map will then show your course and point out the kind of attractions you have chosen which fall within a user selected distance from the main route.  So, for example, you can see whatever quirky restaurants or landmarks are within 25 miles of the route you will be traveling.  This is a great way to plan side-route excursions you might otherwise overlook!  You can even save your trips for future use.

There is even more that offers.  However, the best way to learn about everything is just jump in with both feet.  Roadtrippers even has mobile apps so you can get access to your account and itinerary from your mobile device.  With a bit of exploring the web-based interface, you’ll find all sorts of goodies at that will soon get your travel juices flowing!


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