Planning for a Big One

It has been nearly 6 months since I began planning a trip to Florida to see my parents.  My son, Corey, will be coming along for the ride.   We did our first long motorcycle trip to Presque Isle in Erie, PA last summer; roughly 675 miles till it was all said and done.  It was a great experience and we made sure to avoid as much everyday commercialism as possible, opting for the experiences of mom & pop motels, old diners, etc.

This year we travel to Sebring, Florida.  I’m estimating our trip will be roughly 2,400 miles; we are planning to take a side trip through the Smoky Mountains and riding the Tail of the Dragon.  As with our trip to Erie, PA, we will strive to eat at local diners and do our overnight stays in older motels.   Of course, if we really need to make up time at some point, we may jump on the super slab, but, going with the knowledge that it’s the journey that truly makes motorcycle travel enjoyable (highways are boring), we are going to try to stay on secondary roads as much as possible.

As would be expected, we will have family at both ends of the trip that will be wondering, probably even worrying a bit, about our well-being along the way, so I have been researching online travel sharing websites on which I can post updates via my iPhone.  That way family and friends will be able to monitor our progress and see some of what we are seeing via a web browser.  I am currently evaluating two different services:  TrackMyTour and TravelPod.  Both look good and have different strengths but only one will be selected for this trip (maybe I’ll use the other in a future trip).  I intend to be testing both sites features over the next several days and will make sure everyone knows which one to follow by the time we set off for the BIG trip!

Keep the shiny side up!

Craig Gephart


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