Keeping an Online Travel Record

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.33.33 AMPrior to taking my first long motorcycle trip, I began researching ways that I could keep loved ones informed of my location.   I determined that the best route was to enroll in a free travel blog that would allow me to conveniently post waypoints via my iPhone (sorry, if you don’t have an iPhone you’re out of luck).  I checked out several of these services and eventually settled on TrackMyTour.  If you want to see what other services are available, you’ll have to Google them (but, trust me, at the present time, TrackMyTour, in my opinion, is the nicest).

The basic TrackMyTour account only allows for two free maps, but that was enough to track the trip from PA to FL and back.  The deciding factors for choosing MapMyTour over the other services was that the iPhone App is very nice and easy to use and the online map page is very clean and easy to understand (great for your non-techie loved ones).   One of the other services I considered was much more blog-like but the interface was cluttered and tended to be a bit more confusing.

If you’d like to take a look at the recent trip from PA to FL and back:  (

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